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Restaurant & bar sales machine

Drive More Sales

Case studies show:

Customers stay longer and spend more when they can charge their phone.

Customers come back more often when they know you have this service, therefore increasing their overall value.

Studies show that customers will drop what they are doing to charge their phone. Provide it and you’ll find smiles all around.

Promote your Facebook and Instagram pages to continually engage customers. This will also show their “friends” that they like your page and provide word of mouth marketing.

Servers should not be handling customers phones. Let them provide a risk-free, cord enabled, and proven solution to customers needing power.

Promote add-on orders like appetizers, drink specials, and desserts to increase your average ticket sales.

Send visitors to your website with a QR code to submit phone and email for future marketing campaigns.

No construction or costly electrical installations. No need for customers to supply their own cord. Simply provide TOMA Towers.

Provide entertaining clips from weekly sports follies and more.

“Wait, you have power?  We’ll take another round!”– Maria G., Oggi’s, Mission Viejo.

The Ultimate Upselling Machine Restaurant Package:

  • 10 TOMA Towers
  • 2 Custom Ad Designs
  • Charging Cart
  • Replacement Cords
  • Zero Liability
  • Dedicated Account Rep.




500 Value

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Local Advertisers
  • Get 100,000 views each month, right in your local neighborhood
  • Stay top of mind with local customers in the community

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Join Brands Like:
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Event Marketing

Easily Increase sponsorship value and revenue while giving your guests a better experience

Case Study:TOMA Tower increased brand sponsorship package by 25% and delighted event attendees to know they would never
be without their phone.

Lease 20 Toma Towers

Starting at$1,500

Join Event Brands Like:

Take TOMA Towers to ANY Event

  • Sporting Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Training Seminars
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporate Banquets
  • Cast Parties
  • Concert Venues
  • Festivals
  • Golf Tournaments
Enterprise Solutions

CASINOSKeep players playing when you provide power in your poker room, sports book, high rollers club, coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

HOTELSPlace charging stations in your lobby, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, gyms, & meeting rooms to make your guest’s experience nothing

AUTO DEALERS/SERVICE CENTERSIncrease the value of your showroom guests when you actively market accessories and provide power to make their stay more enjoyable.

AIRPORTSProvide charging stations in lounges, waiting areas, sponsored seating areas, food court, and many more places, reinforcing your brand
powering the traveler’s needs.

LARGE CHAIN RESTAURANTSGet a solution that provides power in all locations to all your restaurant and bar customers, keeping them staying longer & spending more.

DOCTORS OFFICESOutfit your entire practice with charging stations so that you can take the wait time out of the waiting room & have patient’s able to charge their phones in all of your offices.